40+ Heart-Touching Farewell Quotes And Sayings For Everyone

Are you searching for suitable words to farewell someone? We are here to help you as always. LQW is honored to present the supreme quality farewell quotes, farewell quotes for colleagues, farewell quotes for friends, and much more on this topic.

There is a time when we realize that everything is temporary. People will come and go, things will happen, and nothing will remain the same forever. We also learn to say goodbye to old things and accept new things and people.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it comes to a loved one. But life is full of goodbyes. A farewell becomes easier when we have the appropriate words to wish the one who’s leaving. So, we have compiled the best farewell quotes and messages that will help you say goodbye.

Farewell quotes

Short Farewell Quotes

You can never tell that the people who are in your life today will be there tomorrow or not. When people are gone, what remains behind is memories. So, make sure you always make good memories with people, spend time doing good things, and try to make others happy.

“Be brave enough to say goodbye, you will soon have a new hello.”

“A change is always good.”

“Every beginning has an ending, and every ending has a beginning.”

“Farewell, my dear; May God be with you forever.”

“It is hard to leave but you will get used to it easily.”

“This party is a symbol of wishing good luck to you for dear.”

Farewell quotes

“Goodbyes give you a chance to think about what you got and what you lost.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s the best thing you can do.”

“A goodbye can make your heart feel lonely, but sometimes you have to be alone.”

“How can it be easy to say goodbye to whom you have spent a great time with?”

“You have to end the previous chapter to start a new one.”

“Farewell doesn’t mean we will not meet again. We will meet again but in a different way.”

“Smile; it’s a new beginning.”

“The hardest farewell is the one in which you know you won’t have a chance to say hello again.”

Farewell quotes

Farewell Quotes for Friends

Friends are a rainbow to our colorless world. No relationship can be more fun-filled, exciting, and adventurous than friendship. Friends make bad days bearable and good days memorable. Memories made with best friends never fade away. That is why it is always hard to say farewell to friends.

“I am lucky that I had the chance to spend a lovely time with you.”

“We met as strangers, but we are bidding farewell as best friends.”

“Saying goodbye is necessary so that we can meet again.”

“No distance can lessen our friendship because our hearts are connected.”

“Having you as my friend was the best thing ever.”

“May the wind bring fortune to you and may the sun bless you every day. Good luck to you my friend.”

“This goodbye is a secret message that I will you forever.”

“I thank you for always being there for me. Good luck to you with the new beginning.”

“Farewell parties are sad and joyful at the same time. They give you a chance to say goodbye and wish luck to your loved one.”

“As long as you remain in my heart, we can never be apart.”

“This goodbye is a ‘see you soon buddy.”

“The joy of meeting again will lessen your pain of parting.”

“Imagine if we meet again unexpectedly on a sunny day, and have coffee together again.”

“You were my crime partner, my adventure companion, my hard time relief, and my best friend forever. You will always remain in my heart.”

“Take this goodbye as a new chance to see things, to see life differently, and embrace the change.”

“Memories made with you will never die.”

“My life will be good as long as your memory will be in my heart.”

Farewell quotes

Farewell Quotes for Colleagues | Office Farewell Quotes & Farewell Quotes on Transfer

Whenever you start working in an organization, we get attached to people working there with you. Colleagues are the ones who make our work time better in the depressing environment of an office. We can look up to our colleagues for supporting us through thick and thin. Bidding farewell to a nice colleague is not easy. Share these farewell quotes and wish them luck.

“May this new beginning give you the chance to bloom and prosper beyond the boundaries.”

“We will miss you and your presence.”

“Move to new places, but never forget the good old people.”

“Working with you was fun and joy. I will miss you here. Farewell, my friend.”

“May your efforts bring fruit to you and make you successful.”

“Life is a roller coaster ride and you meet a lot of people in it. When you meet good people, acknowledge them, but when you meet bad people, take your lesson and move on.”

“I wish that you could stay a little longer with us my friend. Farewell to you!”

“Thanks for all the times when you helped us and made us safe. We will always remember you in our hearts.”

“You have always been a hard-working and extraordinary employee. I wish you success and wealth.”

“Believe in your abilities and do your best, the rest is in the hands of God.”

“This farewell party was really difficult for me as I was going to bid farewell to one of my best friends at my workplace.”

“I am confident that you will prove yourself even in your new job. Wishing you luck and happiness.”

“Never forget your dream and target. Your dream will give you a reason to live, and your target will give you a reason to keep working.”

“May your new colleagues are friendly with you and your boss be supportive.”

“Even if you leave this office, we will always be there for you.”

Farewell quotes

A farewell may be the most unwanted event to be attended on Earth, but it can be made memorable with good words and wishes. Always look for good in everything and cherish the good memories.

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