25+ Best Quotes and Saying on Moving on in a Relationship

Moving on Quotes: Are you looking for inspirational words that can prove to be a zealot in your life? LQW has come up with the best moving-on quotes relationships and moving on with life quotes that will help you a lot.

Relationships are never a walk in the park. You have to do a lot to get your relationship through. But, when all your efforts start becoming fruitless, and your partner does not acknowledge your presence or efforts, it is time to move on in your life.

It may also happen that your partner betrays you and leaves you heartbroken. Even in this bad situation, you should not give up. Moving on is always the best answer to a person who betrays you.

Here are some quotes about moving on and being happy.

Forgetting Past Relationship Quotes | Quotes About Moving on and Be Happy

Forgetting someone that you were in a relationship with, is never easy. You get emotionally attached to the person you love. Their absence can make your world faded. When your relationship, everything changes. But, you have to cope with life, because life never stops.

You can not change your past, but you can change your future.

If you keep roaming around in your past, you can never build a good future.

Forgetting bad things, people, and experiences is the best someone can do.

Forgive yourself for being in a bad relationship and move on.

Life is too short for remembering things that hurt us.

The sooner you forget your past, the better it is.

Yesterday cannot be recovered, but tomorrow can be molded.

Keep going, even if you are through hell. One day you will pass it and enter heaven.

When you lose everything, you gain yourself.

Build a bridge over the river of your tears and pass through it.

Build a bridge over the river of your tears and pass through it

Moving on Quotes for Relationships/ Moving on Quotes About Love

No doubt, love is a priceless feeling. When you are in love, everything seems beautiful and life becomes much easier than it uses to be. But, what about when your love becomes pain? When all the good memories fade away and what remains are just wounds and scars. It is the time when you should make yourself strong enough to let go what hurts you.

It may happen that the people you have known for so long have changed. Collect the good memories and move on.

It is never late to say ‘no’ to a bad relationship.

When someone ditches you in love, leave them without wasting a word.

If they leave you because of the thorns you have with your flowers, they never loved you.

You can love, but you can never write your fate.

The change will happen, even if you resist it.

Nothing can be permanent in a temporary life. Try to embrace the change when it comes.

When love becomes a burden instead of happiness, you must walk back.

Love is a two-way relationship. If you find that you’re the one who’s constantly making efforts, it isn’t love then.

If they treat you as an option, leave them by choice.

When you beg for love, you show them that you have no self-respect. Never do this; instead, walk away as you don’t care.

Always have the courage to move away from the one who doesn’t want you.

When you are willing to move on, life is preparing something better for you.

Emotional attachments can be killing, so you need to learn non-attachment skills.

Moving on is always better than moving on in a toxic and hurting relationship.

Love is nothing without respect and care. If you don’t get these, there is no need of being in fake love.

Never become someone’s time pass just because you are lovely. You will regret it later.

When you realize that you aren’t their priority anymore, it’s the best time to quit.

Your fate is always planning something good for you after you quit something that wasn’t for you.

Moving on won’t happen automatically. You have to decide and act.

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