Why Is Thanksgiving 2023 an Important Day? Complete Guide

Thanksgiving is an important sacred event celebrated, in both United States and Canada (but on different days), because it is the day when we pay gratitude towards God. This holiday is a celebration of the harvest season and a day when everyone thanks God for all the blessings we had the whole year. The holiday had its roots back in 1621.

Thanking God for his blessings must not be restricted to just this holiday. Instead, we must thank God every day for what we have.

Why Should We Celebrate Thanksgiving? / Why Is Thanksgiving an Important Holiday?

This holiday is important and must be celebrated with dedication because we are becoming ungrateful day by day. Look around yourself; there is chaos everywhere. People have everything they need, but they are still taking others’ rights and depriving them of their needs. This is because we have forgotten to say thank you. When we thank, we accept that we have something that we are grateful for. And we are grateful for something; we become satisfied, which in turn spreads peace and harmony.

This year has been challenging for all of us, undoubtedly. We have been through massive losses. Our loved ones left us, we faced economic downfalls, and we faced tragedies in our relationships. Yet, between all this chaos, Thanksgiving makes us remember what we have and what we are blessed with, rather than focusing on what we lost and what we don’t have.

As this holiday falls in the fall season, it is the perfect depiction of change. It tells us that after hard times comes good luck; just like when trees shed their leaves and get naked, they get adorned with new and captivating leaves, flowers, and branches.

Why Is Thanksgiving an Important Day

When Is Thanksgiving 2023?

Thanksgiving is celebrated on different dates in the United States and Canada. In the US, it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, while in Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Why Is Thanksgiving Important to Families?

Besides being a secular holiday, Thanksgiving is also a family holiday. Thanksgiving is best when it comes to bringing family together, so Thanksgiving is important to families. No matter how old we get or how far we go from our homes, our heart always belongs to our family and home.

Thanksgiving family dinner is a tradition, and it brings everyone back to their nests. People gather around their grandparents, children, and siblings and spend time together. All the family members thank God for being together, food, success, and health. They also pray for blessings for the coming year.

What Should We Thank for on Thanksgiving?

There are times when we have lost so much that we start wondering what we shall be thankful for now. Well, even when we have lost a lot, we still have a lot to thank for. So, if this year has been so hard on you that you can’t think of the blessings you have, we are here to get you along.

You can thank God for blessing you with a healthy life that many people don’t have due to the deadly pandemic. You can thank God for shelter, food, clothes, family, friends, colleagues, doctors, teachers, pets, vehicles, gadgets, the sun, the air, the trees, the sky, and so on.

If you want to make your Thanksgiving memorable, we recommend sending Thanksgiving quotes 2023 to your loved ones to express your love for them.

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